Bring home the glint and glimmer of warm colors and flamboyant faux leather fabrics, available in soft textures and colors from Ivory to beige, grey to metallic, ochre to terracotta. Ideal for Upholstery and cushions or you can make panels to beautify home.


Graphic or Painterly petals printed on Velvet base will bloom beautifully on any couch or your favorite cushion.This collection is a perfect fusion of design in poppy colors to highlight any modern space.


An interesting self textured fabric with a softer hand feel to it available in wide array of colors to choose from. Good for upholstery and to rest on as beautiful cushions that will accentuate your living spaces.


A very retro crocked texture available in mesmerizing colors to enliven your spaces. Wrap up your Arm Chairs with your choice of palette or dress your cushions or couches and get drooled with the beautiful texture.


A Moroccan inspired geometric design made in bright candy colors so frost your home with this fabric and add life and magic to your home decor with it.


Small geo design available in subtle colors to choose from. Modern yet minimalist, eclectic yet contemporary.


A classic, soft and sumptuous plain quilted Velvet collection in simple geometric patterns which is perfect to go with any interior as a Cushion on Sofas, or a Soft Arm Chair Or Quilted Floor Cushions to laze on to for a perfect weekend. The color palette includes rich jewel-like tones, emerald green, ochre and modern […]


This Collection embraces a blend of Moroccan influences to embody a sense of global fusion with naive Chenille Textures and plains to balance it out further. Available in neutral shades to metallic greys, Aqua to Indigo Blue, choose the color as per your taste and bring a newness to your Couches and Cushions.


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