A combination of distinct style and sensible design. Get your fix of colour available in the tones of chestnut, sandstone, warm woods etc in the most surreal geometric patterns.


These textured panels will add some colour and quirk to your space for maximum impact. From a mango yellow to kingfisher blue, Coral blues to Ivory , choose as per your taste and theme.


An affordable range of Jacquard collection that comes in simple and elegant designs. It has a versatile tonal color pallete to choose from.


A happy-go bright collection to make your living spaces more colorful and lively. Select from fresh florals to modern abstract, and balance it with with solid fabrics in poppy shades to the neutral tones. This collection will surely make your day.


Structured Patterns, refinedĀ  textures with a fine drape quality available in pastel hues embody a subtle charm and organic appeal to your decor.


Drench your living spaces with Ornate Gold and Silver embroidered sheers, An exclusively curated collection to keep alive the festive spirit.

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